Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Learn to play noob", even though you won.

So here I am trying to hone my skills in Starcraft 2 and I start out ok with a few wins here and a few loses there, it's a very competitive game and many people take it seriously and I don't blame them it is the sequel to in my opinion the greatest RTS of all time and I believe lived up to it's hype. 

I usually jump into 1v1 right away with Zerg as my main race and then go right into a early zergling rush to throw off my opponent, and in the silver league it seems to work fairly well except for the players that expect it and will have a defence made blocking off the entrance to their base easily killing most ground units that decide to peak their noses in. Now the early rush has gotten me wins a good few times but when it does I get a message from almost every player stating "Learn to play noob" or something along the lines of me not having any skill, well if I didn't have any skill and you are the one saying this shouldn't you have stopped the rush? Retard.

I just wanted to get that off my chest, seems to be a lot of pissy idiots on Starcraft 2 especially when they lose, but this hasn't ruined my experience at all, I kind of enjoy watching them type furiously as their base is being demolished by my few zerglings and roaches. So have any of you experienced something along the lines of this while playing Starcraft 2 or any other online game or even with your friends? 

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  1. Don't worry, I get yelled at for using cloaked units against protoss every now and then. People are just pathetic by nature. :)